The Big Breakfast

Our trip from 18th- 20th September 2015 will start as usual from Canary Wharf where we entertain and give the children and helpers the 'Big breakfast' before the giant convoy departs to catch ferry at Dover. In the past this spectacular scene has attracted a great deal of media coverage with numerous television companies in England, France and around the world following our trip.

If you sponsor a taxi, you will be invited to the breakfast on the 18th giving you photo opportunities. Alternatively we can arrange for a photograph to be taken for you.
Sponsored taxis can carry door advertisements with your company's image along with the name of the event . "The Children's Magical Taxi Tour", for the duration of the trip. The children and helpers in the taxi can also wear sweatshirts with your company's advertising. So if you would like to help by sponsoring a taxi please call or complete the contact form . 

 If you are not in the position to sponsor a taxi, perhaps you and your friends or colleagues would like to club together and make a donation. If so, please call or complete the contact form or click on our make a donation link..

Please note that all reservations for taxis or donations should be made by cheque payable to C.H.C.D. Charitable Trust and crossed "Special Events Account". Alternatively you can pay by credit card or Charity Vouchers. If you are a taxpayer and use a Gift Aid Declaration, available from us, the charity will benefit from an additional 25 pence for every pound donated ,which is refunded to us from HMRC.
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